The Vall Fosca is also an ideal area to enjoy the perfect routes with the mountain bike; thanks to the height of the mountains we have, to the tracks that have been made to be able to access them with vehicles, (normally with 4×4), because they are rocky tracks.

If you are bolder and you like the adventure, we also have routes that go through forests and narrower paths, which will make the adrenaline rise and enjoy the incomparable landscapes of the area.

A good example of this is the two well-known routes that pass through the area, one is La Pedals de Foc and the other one is the Transpirenaica..

Pedals de foc

It is a circular route that leaves the southern mouth of the Vielha tunnel and ends up in the same town, passing through the Alta Ribagorça, Pallars Jussà (our area), Pallars Sobirà and goes back to the Vall d’Aran.

When the stage passes through the Pallars Jussà is when it passes through our area. Cyclists come from Alta Ribagorça to the town of “Les Esglèsies” entering to our valley, along a narrow path, known as “Coll d’Oli“. That takes them to the town of d’Aguiró.

Once in d’Aguiró, it goes along the same road to the town of d’Espui, to take the track that leads to Collada del Triador (2100m.) A track of about 12km approximately 800 meters above sea level.

Once you arrive to the Collada del Triador you descend to the Pallars Sobirà, in direction to the Espot.


The Transpirinaicaroute is a route that crosses the southern part of the Eastern Pyrenees (Llançà, Catalonia) to the west (Hondarribia, Basque Country), a route of about 950 km approximately, that most of it passes through slopes or mountain lands, moving away as far as possible from the road.

A part of the route passes through our Valley, in this case, it is the other way round the Pedals de Foc, since instead of climbing the Collada del Triador, it goes down, because it comes from Pallars Sobirà.

Then it crosses the Coll de l’Oli, to stop at Alta Ribagorça and continue the route direction to Aragó.

Other BTT routes

Once we have mentioned the most known routes that pass through the area. As we have said, due to the orography of the terrain, our area is conducive to being able to do BTT routes.

A good example, it would be the circular route to the Filià mountains, it is a route next to the hotel that is approximately 20 km long.