As we have said at the presentation, a phrase that defines our house is the family treatment.

Well, the hotel is carried by the Llebot family.

Josep was born and raised in the town of Central de Capdella, once he finished his studies in Tremp, he went to Barcelona to study industrial engineering, after this stage, he settled in Barcelona where he works from what I had studied

After a few years, the opportunity to return to the Vall Fosca emerges, as he finds out that “Casa Mariano” is on sale, and with the help of his parents, he decides to buy it, to be able to return where he is from. He had raised and started a new project in the hotel industry world.

We are talking about the year 1986 when this project began, and during these years, remodelings have been made, in such a way that it went from a inn to hostel, until reaching a 3 star hotel.

All this has been a lot of years of effort and sacrifice for a whole family to be able to carry out this project and be able to adapt the hotel to the magnificent natural environment that Vall Fosca has and adapt it to technological advances and to the needs of our clients, to make a better stay.

We would like to emphasize the family treatment we offer, where we try to find you comfortable, as if you were at home.

Any question, doubt, recommendation or advice, don’t doubt that we will try to help you with everything that suits you.

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